Shade is more than just an option to collect monetary donations to give back. We are invested and determined to be the change that we want to see in the community physically by volunteering our time and resources as well as partnering with organizations to collect and donate goods.


Shade has partnered up with one of its beneficiaries of the Shade proceeds, The Shelter of Love to introduce our new Shade lip gloss called Love and our Choose You bags to introduce our Shade in the Community initiative.  Each Choose You bag will be filled with the items listed below and donated to victims and survivors of domestic violence in Atlanta, GA and California. Orders will be accepted from January 10th until January 29th in order for the ladies to receive their special gift from you on Valentine’s Day.

Your gift of the Choose You bag for only $30.00 will include:

  • Shade Love lip gloss
  • Nail polish
  • Body spray
  • Personalized note from you


Founded in 2015, Shelter of Love was established to serve the needs of the women who experience displacement due to domestic violence. This non-profit organization advocates for women in this demographic through donations and programming that is designed to equip women to become more secure emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and financially.

Our Vision:

Shelter of Love will play a major role in the lives of women who have endured so much pain both in silence and in public by:

  • Providing avenues that will help them tap into their empowerment and independence;
  • Encouraging women to recognize the strength within them that is needed to become and remain victorious;
  • Creating a contagious snowball effect that will cause women impacted by this organization to pay it forward within the    

          community and the shelters that assisted them with temporary housing.

Our Mission:

Shelter of Love’s mission is to lead those who have suffered physical and mental abuse into a place of VICTORY and EMPOWERMENT.

Victory and Empowerment in:

  • Accepting Personal Worth
  • Increasing Education
  • Experiencing Financial Freedom
  • Providing Community Service
  • Setting and Reaching Goals

The End Goal – To know that they can become victorious…and not remain a Victim.

To learn more about Shelter of Love visit http://www.theshelteroflove.com/